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My Experience in Caregiving
"Everything I know, I have learned."
               Renée Norman

Thank you to all our "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" friends!

 Why raise money for ALS?

 About Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

or Lou Gehrig’s Disease

ALS is a rare and fatal neuromuscular disease that strikes 3,000 to 5,000 people in the United States each year. The number of people stricken with ALS each year is increasing. Very little is known about the disease. It is one of forty-three neuromuscular diseases supported by the MDA.

ALS is considered an "orphan" disease. An "orphan" disease means it does not pay for a pharmaceutical company to spend money on research and design (R&D), because not enough people will buy their medicine to make a profit. This is the reason why private donations are critical to finding a cure and treatment. Once the key to unlock one neuromuscular disease is discovered, the hope is other neuromuscular diseases will also be able to be cured and treated.

As of this writing, there is no cure.


We Thank Our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Friends:

My close friend, Ellen Rubino's children, Kaitlyn and Joe, as well as, the "Croke" branch of their family

The Tarkenton Family, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, College bear and brother bear

John Cole Gayle, Jr.

Pamela Sue Campbell

Brothers John and Ben Hearns

Kristen Keller, our ALS study coordinator and her sister Becky Keller

Cathy Easter formerly of the ALS Association

Danny and Julie Rocco and their daughter Amy

Jill and Paul Trapp and family, Ryan, Chris and Kat

Mahima Sosale in honor of her father Jagadesh, currently living with ALS, his wife Mythre and their extended family

Andrea Shaver, Executive Director of the MDA


Photo taken just after Chris' diagnosis of ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease, October 2007.

Photo taken by Carolyn Evans